I’m Back!!!!

Three and a half years ago we moved back to my home town for me to work at the family business. As of the last day of 2015, that chapter is closed. The business was sold to a large cooperation and I’m no longer a boss. I’m not longer THE boss. It’s awesome. I have been so stressed with the weight of the success or failure of the whole company and there are endless fires to put out. At one point I wasn’t sleeping and my anxiety over the issues was so high I literally thought I was going to have a breakdown. Now it is all off my shoulders. I’m a mindless peon at the cooperation that bought us out. Well, mindless might be an overstatement but I am done being responsible for the job security of everyone in the whole company and that just makes me FREE!

So I can do things I like again. I’m painting and volunteering and getting to know my kids and cleaning my house and basically, I’m not just going to work and coming home and falling into bed.

Hope to see some of the old pals around the blog world again.


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Today I Saw “Me”

Today “I” came into the store to buy something from me. “I” was 85 and “my” husband had fallen and broken a hip. I asked “me” how “I” was doing and “I” told me that “my” husband had waited on “me” hand and foot for 45 years and “I” didn’t know how to function without him. It made me think about becoming more self sufficient and being a little less dependent. But more than that “I” made me think about how to show this man how much I appreciate every little thing he does. Every glass of water he brings me. Everytime he plugs in my phone or remember to bring a jacket when he knows I’m going to get cold. I thought about how much I need to take the opportunity to thank him when he changes that diaper or wipes up that mess or tells me to take a nap when I know he needs one just as bad. 

I hope “I” visit me more often to remind me of these things. 

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Dear Children,

I love you. You are a wonderful addition to my life. How much I have changed and grown because of you.

When you grow up and leave my house, your father and I will be just fine.


Yes, I just said that. Your father and will be just fine. In fact, we will be happy to see you go out and be in the world, no longer dependent on us as parents. We will enjoy our home, our freedom, our financial independence. Yep, we are going to have a party.

The thing is, I loved having you, teaching you, being your mother. But your father and I were sweethearts long before you were ever born and we will be the ones who stay together in this house, this relationship. Our love will never change.

My love for you will always be strong but our relationship will change. You won’t need me. You will leave me. You will start your own life and do what you want to do.

Daddy and I will stay, remain here and continue to enjoy each other’s company.

So you see, when we go out and don’t take you, when you think I take his side over you, when you feel like he is more important to me than you are, you are right. That is how it is. He is my first and last. You are the wonderful, amazing middle.

My advice to my beautiful little girls is, when you find a man, and you are thinking about marrying him, ask yourself, “Is he enough? If there are never children between us, will he be all I need? When I need someone to trust with my secrets, will he be the first one I want to tell? When we move from one location to another seeking jobs and lifestyles, and I have to leave my friends, will he be enough? When family dies or friends desert me, will he be my first and last?” If the answer to these questions is “YES!” MARRY HIM, because you will be fine too.

Love MommyImage


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Project Abby

Abby and I have been watching project runway together. She is a very artistic kid and has been begging me to do a project with her. She says, “I’m DYING to make a dress, Mommy,” as if she’s 16 and not 5. So finally it is Sunday and I thought maybe we would try something. I want to encourage her creativity with projects that are realistic for her age, that move her towards more find arts, that develop her sense of worth and fine motor skills. I want to make it simple but real. I started her out by saying, “You see how they start their dresses on the show? They start out by sketching what the want to make.” This was Friday. She made a bunch of sketches and described in detail how she wanted her dress to look. It was fascinating to see how much she had picked up from watching and wanting to simulate the process. She wanted a dress with no sleeves, just a neck piece that held it up. She wanted another one with one sleeve that was ruffled and that came to the knee with no belt. It was so fun to hear what she had in her little head.

Today I decided that we would make her first dress. It’s not as fun to make doll clothes or paper doll clothes. She needed to feel the rush that accomplishing a REAL grown-up project gives you. I remember being that age and feeling that rush and that sense that I could do anything if I had the materials.

We found an old pillowcase and used it for our “fabric.” The linen closet is Mood. Image

Then we talked about where your arms, legs and head have to come out from the dress. I asked questions that led her to the conclusion that she would have to cut out the bottom seams to make room for her legs to come out the bottom. I showed her how to use a seam ripper. She’s 5 so this was all done with heavy supervision. The three year old wanted to cut so I got out some felt and an old baby doll model I used for anther project and let her cut away. There is felt everywhere and all her fingers are still on so that went well.IMG_3604

We tried on the dress several times during the making of it to talk about where cuts needed to be made and where the ribbon needed to go. She was downright focused. Just saying… that’s kinda unusual.

It turned out like it was supposed to, not perfect, not fashion forward but wearable for her. It’s not totally about the end product although that should be a bit of it. It’s about the process – the learning. It was a great go at a first dress and she loves it. She is prancing around the house in it  and thinking about what she will make next. I’m totally proud.


I NEVER do things like this with her because I’m so busy at work. I come home exhausted and rarely have the time to encourage all the creativity I know is dying to get out of my little girl. Here’s to hoping I can have more of these experiences in the future.IMG_3620

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Airport Madness

Andy has a new job. He works for Great Lakes airline. Therefore we get to travel for free… on standby. It’s sometimes very crazy. If we get a flight halfway to our destination, we might not get a flight the rest of the way for several hours or even days. This can be a little crazy… especially with little kids. I have named the condition that sets in during those long hours of waiting and chasing flights from terminal to terminal “AIRPORT MADNESS.”

Airport madness starts to set in when you are getting tired from the travel.

When you are sitting in the terminal and your eyes are getting heavy but you can’t sleep because someone is saying over a loud speaker, “John Smith, Mr. John Smith, John Smith, Mr. John Smith, please go to a white courtesy phone,” – that’s airport madness.

When you are afraid to leave your terminal because you have been delayed 6 times only 15 minutes at a time but you have to pee like crazy – that’s airport madness.

When you are buying stuff at the overpriced gift shops and kiosks like a late night infomercial shopper – that’s airport madness.

When you look longingly at a restaurant that is just outside of TSA and you can’t get there without waiting for 2 hours in a line and being frisked, all for a cup of coffee – that’s airport madness.

When your device is dying and you spend all your time in the search for places to charge up – that’s airport madness.

When you are taking a sponge bath in the sink, purchasing t-shirts for a city you will never see because you checked everything and can’t stand the smell of your clothes one more minute, brushing your teeth in a drinking fountain just to stay close enough to your terminal to hear if you are boarding or not – that’s airport madness.

So, when traveling, just remember, we’ve all been there. Most of us have at least one pair of ill-purchased sunglasses from an airport kiosk that never came out of the overnight bag we put them in at the airport.

It’s ok… Just a little airport madness.

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The Real World

Recently I was looking at a former students posts and she mentioned that she was about to end her scholastic career and go out into the real world. It started me on a bit of a reminiscence.

Remember when we were kids and mom and dad would say, “When you have your own house, you can do whatever you want.” That’s what is about to happen, former student. You are about to have your own space. You can stay up late. You can go to bed if you want. You can watch what you want on TV. You can eat at random times during the day. You can have only cake for lunch. You can leave socks on the floor forever and NEVER PICK THEM UP! You don’t have to clean your room before you get to eat dinner and homework suddenly, AFTER 12 or more years, doesn’t exist! You can stay in your underwear all day and NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU WAKE UP WHEN YOU AREN’T READY! It’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!

And then you get a job, get married, and have kids and suddenly, even though no one is making you do them, you do all those things that your parents and teachers “made” you do BY YOUR OWN CHOICE. Can you believe it? It was all a vicious circle.

But I still say being a grown up is awesome. I love it. I wouldn’t go back to being a kid for nothing… accept the awesome ability to eat an entire pizza and not gain a pound.

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Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

Sun Rise at the Sand Dunes

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