>On Costumes and Disney Taking Over the World

>When I was a kid, my mother always made our costumes and they were always animals. I remember going to my cousins house and she had a real, store bought Tinker Bell costume with wings and everything. She let me try it on and play in it and it was the best moment of my life as I was sure that I could fly with those gossamer wings.

This year, for Abby, we decided to go to Walmart (which happens to be the most awful place on earth) to shop for costumes. Now a little disclaimer: We do not want to promote Halloween to our children. We believe it is a holiday that sets kids up to glorify all that is horrible in the world. We also don’t want them to think that messing with things that have anything to do with witchcraft or the devil is ever to be taken lightly. However, Abby has amazing hair that just begs for a tiara and I have been looking for a good excuse to dress her up like a princess. Therefore, we went into the day-before-Halloween fray in Walmart. It was messy!

It was to scary to walk down the costume aisle with our 1.5 year old daughter staring and saying, “Ohhhhh, whats that?!” at every monster and zombie. Besides, there were people tearing costumes off the shelves, putting them on as though we were in a huge, Walmart sized dressing room and then tossing them to the floor with reckless abandon. The aisles dedicated to Halloween were clearly to crowded with fear and families for us to even attempt to get in there. We opted for the toy section which just confirmed my suspicions that Disney is taking over the world.

On a related note, I discovered after a few hours of shopping the other day that finding shoes (especially slippers) in Abby’s size that don’t have a Disney princess on them is almost impossible.

We hunted through the aisle and realized that Disney has taken a safe way out of any lawsuit and prints on every product “for 3+ only.” As though anyone listens to that… pshhhh. So we finally find a costume that looks perfect. We decide that princess shoes, although fun, are way to expensive (They only come in packs of 4 pairs. Are you kidding?!) and impractical for wearing outside of the house (as though a ball gown and crown weren’t impractical.) We buy said dress and a crown and squeeze out of the store. The dress is way to big for Abby and will need some taking in but we intend to wear it to the Fall Festival and then use it as a play dress FOREVER as it cost us $30. Abby is in love with the crown and is at this moment wearing only a diaper and that crown and bowing to everyone with a huge grin on her face. Totally worth it.


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  1. >Dollar Tree has tiaras and shoes right now. non-disney ones.

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