>Fish Crackers are the Devil

>The other day, Abby’s friend was here for babysitting and I had a bout of nesting syndrome. I went a bit crazy sweeping mopping and vacuuming. I came out from vacuuming the hallway, my last bit, and found Josh and Abby, each with a bunch of crackers, throwing them to the ground and squashing them into the carpet. This must have been a fun activity as they were stomping and laughing and stomping and laughing. I breathed in deeply and went back to the hallway. Pregnancy can make you crazy and the hallway is a great place to get out that crazy before you deal with two very happy kiddos. Pregnancy nesting is WAY harder when you already have a toddler, or sometimes two, and sometimes three. Best to let it wait until they are asleep.

Andy, being the wonderful, caring husband he is, decided to rub my feet last night. He got out the lotion and just went to town. Very relaxing… until he says in his calm, never excited or worried voice, “Have your ankles started to swell?”

WHAT THE MESS?! I’m only in the 22nd week. You heard me rant and rave last pregnancy about how I was getting sick of all the fat comments. I deal with that enough when I’m not pregnant. This is the one time I get to be fat and no one gets to say anything unless I start it!

Anyway, I know he didn’t mean anything by it and therefore, we are still married.


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