>Daddy at the Gym

>Took Andy to the Little Gym this morning. He had the morning off and I needed a break so I told him he was going to spend some quality time with Abby. Notice, I told him it was going to happen.

Thank goodness there was another dad there because usually it’s all mom’s and he would have felt way out of place. He was great. He tried all the activities. When it came time to play with bouncy balls, he bounced the ball so high and hard and close to Abby, she got a little scared but he recovered and did a great job.

It’s hard to find time when Daddy’s can do activities with their children. If they are primary bread winner and the Mommy is the primary care giver, it can be a little harder for kids to bond with Daddy. I have noticed that I have to ask Abby to give her Daddy a kiss and ask her to go and sit with him and hand her over and then leave the room to get her to spend a good amount of time with him.

This morning, we were all up lazing around for a few minutes. Abby was on my lap and he put his arm around me and she got jealous, trying to push him away. Is that a foreshadowing of what’s to come with new baby? I need to find a way to spend good time with just her. I’m not sure how that’s going to happen but we are going to make that time.

What are your suggestions of how to spend time with just one kid? How do you find child care for the baby while you get out with the toddler? Do you feel guilty if you find child care and then just take your toddler home and do a project together or something?


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  1. >Note: Abby is washing the counter tops right now. How she thinks this is a privilege, I'll never know but I'm going to try and leave it that way! FOREVER!

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