>I’m on Skype with my mom and she’s like, “How’s my Susanna Banana?” Meaning the fetus.

I start to freak out as we were planning to surprise my mom with the fact that we are naming this girl Susanna Catherine (to be called Cate). I had told my dad and specifically said, “Don’t tell Mom.” Dad is terrible at keep secrets. Not because he likes to gossip but because he doesn’t remember that something is a secret until after he has already said something… sometimes.

He’s in the background of the video call and I yell, “Dad!? Did you say something to her?”

A panicked look comes over his face. “About what?”

Mom – “Yeah. About what?”

And that’s when I knew she had me. She is the master at extracting information. When I was a teenager, I would walk in the house and she’d say something like, “Well, looks like you had a REALLY good time at the movies,” all cryptically like she was in the theater, hanging over my shoulder, waiting for me to hold hands with whatever unsuspecting male may have taken me out that night.

Then I would spill my guts, “Mom, I don’t know what undercover agent you have following me but we were JUST holding hands!”

“HA! I knew it.” She had me.

So back to the baby names. Right, I’m terrible at keeping secrets too. I think I got that from a family member but… we are naming the baby Susanna Catherine and we would like everyone to refer to her as Cate until she stands up and speaks her mind about what she wants to be called.


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  1. >is it weird that it totally disturbs me that you call her "the fetus?" Apparently I can't stand that title. 🙂 I love the new name.

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