>Pictures with Santa

So we finally did get pictures with Santa. So cute. Posting a copy on here. For $17 you get a fist full of advertisements and two, count them people, only two photos of your kid and Santa. Thank goodness for scanners.

Abby was totally freaked out and I don’t know why. She is totally won over all the time and I don’t get this sudden refusal to smile. So, I went ahead and bought the dear in the head lights picture and it looks remarkably like last years picture.



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4 responses to “>Pictures with Santa

  1. >Poor kid she's never going to be the same again. Maybe she was naughty. Cute photo still.

  2. >I think Santa knows about the Sharpey. Cute pic. 🙂

  3. Lo

    >I wonder if that dress comes in my size…

  4. >That is the same Santa that was there when we got a picture of Sebastian and Abby together last year! 🙂 SUPER CUTE!

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