>Public Tantrums

>Whenever I go to Mom’s group, if I want to stay awake through the whole thing, and my class and then dinner and bedtime, I have to have a little caffine. Therefore, Abby and I make a trek past Abercrombie and Fitch, some hair place, a jewelry store, through Belk and to Starbucks and back to the play area. Now, store fronts are easy because everything is behind glass and she can press her face up against the windows and no harm is done. Belk is another story. Jewelry is laid out for all to TOUCH and clothing racks are practically in the aisles. Makeup is within arms reach and all this usually proves to much for my little angel. Sometimes, I can get her through holding my hand the whole way. Some days, she get’s through being held, squirming, screaming and upside-down. Oh, well.

She has taken to going limp when I’m holding her hand and she doesn’t want to be led. I’m not sure how to get her off the floor when I’m to big and she’s to big for me to carry but for now, I still win by sheer size.

Public tantrums are going to be a problem. Fortunately, my husband is an angel and usually is with me when I’m in the grocery store or a restaurant. Then one of us can haul the screaming kid out and the other can face the stares and humiliation while paying.

My biggest problem is when someone else’s kid is having a fit. I want to be sympathetic but I can’t decide whether to look or not look. If I don’t look, I’m judging. If I look and they take it the wrong way, I’m judging. JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW: I’M NOT JUDGING! Abby is just as bad as every other kid. She is a screamer and unless I’ve had enough stamina to get out our monster stroller or the grocery cart straps are in tact and working, she is going to be in my arms, screaming, kicking and making a general nuisance of herself.


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