>Teeth, Mommy

>Abby’s favorite thing to do is brush her teeth, at least right now. She loves to floss also… Weird. If I let her, she will walk around with the toothbrush cleaning everything and then her teeth. No wonder her breath stinks half the time. She comes into the bathroom and practically screams, “Teeth, Mommy, Teeeetthh!!!” I wonder if she thinks she needs to yell because I’m way up here and she’s way down there.

Whenever I’m getting ready in the bathroom, she comes in and stands on the toilet and imitates my every move. She wants foundation, blush, eye shadow and the works. I substitute a q-tip for and eye applicator, let her use a clean old blush brush and give her lotion to put on as foundation. I love it that she wants to do whatever I do.

When I go to the OBGYN, she sits in the chair with me and gets an unhooked blood pressure cuff on her arm while I’m getting mine checked. She weighs herself and pulls up her shirt and points to her tummy when they check the heartbeat. I love it. She’s such a cutie.


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2 responses to “>Teeth, Mommy

  1. >that is soooo adorable!

  2. >Awe…my little Abby girl is the cutest! I love it!

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