>Bed Time

>Last night I was trying to put Abby to bed and I always start to get frustrated when she has come out of her room for the 3rd time (OK, the biggest and hardest part of putting her back in is that when she comes out, she’s like waving and happy to see you sitting on the couch and you have to send her back to bed.) and I’m like, “Get to bed!”


How do you resist when she says, “Mommy? Book?” So you read her a book.

“Mommy, kiss, elbow?” So you kiss her elbow and any successive body parts she asks to have kissed like her cheeks and toes and hands and whatnot.

“Mommy, kiss mommy elbow?” So you let her kiss your elbows after she pulls back your sleeves because kissing an elbow through sleeves is not kissing an elbow, it’s kissing a shirt.

“Mommy, drink?” So you hydrate her because she needs to be hydrated and child services doesn’t look kindly on people who with hold liquid from their kids at night time.


“ABBY! Time for sleep. Night night!” And you run out of the room because if you stay one more second, you will be pulled into yet another cute way for her to manipulate you into letting her stay up.

Man, she’s good….


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  1. >Haha….Sebby is now sayig, "I want to spend time with my mommy." Kills me every time. Especially since I don't get as much time with him as I would like.

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