>What We Take For Granted

>I pause in my frantic preparations for another possible power outage to blog this little thought. It is amazing what we take for granted. Like: washing dishes, vacuuming, flushing the toilet, heat, lights, maintenance men, and a million other little things.

Our power being out for the last 17 hours or so was the worst. We didn’t have any indicator of when it might come back on and now that it is on, we don’t know how long it might be until it’s off again. There are heavy snow/slush/freezing rains predicted for the next few days and we might be going back and forth between the here and now and Little House on the Prairie. Fortunately, I have the most wonderful husband ever who just loves it all and gets out his camping stove and makes hot chocolate and Ramon Noodles and plays music on the little battery powered speakers.

A long game of Scrabble and several rows of cross stitch and I was tuckered out last night. We were scared we might not have power for several days so this morning we sponge bathed and conserved water as much as possible, using heated water from Andy’s camping stove. That poor little thing is about done for after all this. When the lights suddenly kicked on, I was ECSTATIC. Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings including fast working power line men that are willing to get out in blizzard conditions and fix our power so we have HEAT! Those guys should get a medal! And Paul and Jason too for being on top of stuff here at the school.

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