>Dressing Herself

>Well, Abby is starting to really talk and make sense. She can express what she wants and the other day, she wanted to dress herself. I’m amazed at the fact that she doesn’t really have to many food preferences but she will insist that she wants to wear a dress or pants or something crazy like this picture that I took of her ensemble from the other day.

Of course, she wanted to wear “pawn-ties,” a winter coat and her Sabbath shoes. Then to make it even more hilarious, when I was taking a picture, she insisted on showing the camera her belly button as she believes it is her best feature.

On a side note: Can you imagine being labeled the “Underwear Bomber?” HA! Every time I hear that, I giggle. Seriously. I mean, his only success was making airline travel way more inconvenient than it already was, burning off his manhood, and being dubbed THE UNDERWEAR BOMBER!


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