>Abby calls wipes “yipes” and no matter how hard I try to say it right so she will have proper annunciation and become a distinguished member of society, I can hardly do it anymore because it’s just so darn cute to hear her sound all surprised even though she is only asking for a wipe and I hear her say it all the time and I just plain forget that it should be W-I-P-E-S!

So wipes are her favorite toy and she takes them all around the house with her and when she throws them away she says goodbye to them. If she is getting up on the table or heading to her room with a wipe in hand, she says, “Come on, yipes.” Somehow, she has developed this relationship with wipes. Monk in the making?

Today, I put her beautiful braids in and proudly totted her off to gymnastics (nakies) where she was a perfect angel. These braids are not only to boost my self esteem every time someone makes a comment on what a beautiful kids she is and how good she must be to sit still through it all, but also, they keep the hair out of her face and her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sadly, for Christmas, she got that adorable hairdryer and brush set that she now uses to pull her hair out of the braids. She runs to me saying, “Off?” Which means she wants me to take out the braids so she can brush her hair. Today, I took out the braids at 11 am which makes it hardly worth it to have put them in accept that we did go to gymnastics. Then she proceeds to brush her hair ONCE. Yes! That is one brush stroke. Then she drops the brush and hairdryer and runs off to text some unsuspecting Chinese person with my phone and comment on it to her friend the “yipe” which she then throws in the trash while waving and saying, “Bye, bye, yipe.”

Oh, well. At least when Stephanie was here for gymnastics, we got pictures with the braids still in. Here they are:


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  1. >Those pictures are TOOOOO CUTE!! I love my little Abby! Awe…Tell her hi from Auntie Casey! I love it!

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