>When It Rains…

>Started having contractions this week. At first, they were just Braxton Hicks and it wasn’t that bad. Then they got worse and worse and I was in pain. I had an appointment with the Dr. the next day and since the contractions weren’t regular, I just waited. 2 cm dilated and starting to thin so I was happy that I wasn’t in pain for nothing… But Mom (Andy’s) left and I was still recovering from having the flu and then Abby got the flu. Can it get any worse? Then relief! My mom, although I told her not to, decided to change her ticket and get here TODAY! I’m going to get her at the airport and let me tell you, I have not been this happy since I picked up Andy’s mom…

There is something about Mom’s and the way they take care of you that is just awesome. When Abby is sick, she just wants to cuddle with me. Although I am sad that she feels yucky, I love being the one she want’s to cuddle with and that she sits on my lap for longer than the duration of a book. When I am not feeling top notch, my mommy is the one I want around. She knows just what I want, soup and sleep and she does everything in my house similarly to how I would do it so I know that everything is in good hands. I love her. I miss her and I can’t wait to see her tonight.


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  1. >Am at the ABQ Airport eating a breakfast sandwich and drinking a cup-a-jo reading your blog. Can't get there fast enough. See ya soon!

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