>Heading Out to the Dr.

>Today I head out to the doctor at 4. Yes, my appointment was originally at 10 am but they called and switched me to later because the Dr. was out of the office or something. I think it’s just to torture me. So here I am trying to decide whether I should bake cupcakes with the words I’M READY on them and try and beg for an induction or just let go of the guilt and not worry about it anymore. I’m not THAT uncomfortable. I’m just guilty about getting everyones hopes up over and over with the contractions and dilation and all that. I really just want to get it all over with so we can get into a schedule. But with my Murphy’s Law life, I know I will be dragging this out until the actual due date or beyond because that’s what happens to me. Here’s how I know I’m cursed:

I got a kidney stone DURING MY PREGNANCY!

Right after the kidney stone, Andy’s mom rushed down to help us get it together. I was fine until the day she left when I got the flu. I am still hacking up a lung every day from that. And of course, I’m pregnant and HUGE and I really feel like with every cough, I am going to smash out little baby.

I was going into labor and my mom rushed out from CO costing her several hundred dollars and my sister her free babysitter, then my labor basically stopped and she has been here for a week just putzing around with me…

If I had not had my mother come out, I would have this kid already and she would have missed the birth. We all know it’s true!

In the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy, I found out I won’t have a job next year, Abby waffled back and forth between potty training and waiting causing clean ups on the FLOOR when I can’t even see my own feet, and my husband is working more than he has all year.

Despite all this, I think I’m going to make it. Suddenly last night, after finding out we had money problems that I didn’t know about… I decided that none of it mattered anymore. I’m just going to sit down on the couch, watch Project Runway and zone out from the world until Cate is born. I can only do one thing at a time and I’m creating life here, people.



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2 responses to “>Heading Out to the Dr.

  1. >What is this? A new tradition to have Callie Murphey's Law? Sheeze girl. Get it together!

  2. >So what did you learn???

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