>Well, we have started the Adams’ Dairy again. Last night I went to be a nice 36 C and woke up a 38 DD. Woosh! Here was the milk. Cate was getting fussy every time she ate and then, after having a nice meal for the first time, she slept forever. Today she has been in a milk comma all day which is not good for a mommy who’s boobs are getting to be hard as rocks as the minutes tick by. Therefore, I have broken out the pump (yucky…) and I am well on my way to having leather nipples. Went off the pain meds today and that basically made breastfeeding TORTURE again.

Abby has been facinated with the whole thing. She watches me feed the baby. Today she said, “Baby drinkin’ milk.” Yep, she gets it. She pulled up her shirt and fed her baby. It was so funny. She points up her shirt and says, “Abby’s boobs.” Well, kid, thank goodness you don’t have boobs yet but yes, that is where they will be when they get here…


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  1. >Ohhhh!!!!! This is TOO MUCH! I love it!

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