>Not American Idol

>My husband is a talented person. He’s a gymnast which basically means I will spend our married lives trying to keep up with him physically. He never gains weight and eats like a horse.

He is the most patient person I know. He calms me down and relaxes me when I start to get to crazy.

He is a good husband. He tries to clean, cook and be a general help around here whenever he can. After only 5 years of marriage, he is quite capable of doing laundry while carrying a baby and keeping the dog from barking and waking up the other kid. He’s amazing.

There is one thing he can’t do. Sing.

The other night, I was passing my daughters room and I heard him singing her a song. I have never thought much of his singing voice but she was loving it. Thank goodness we didn’t spawn another Simon Cowell. Andy will never win American Idol but he has won over our daughter with his fatherly attempts at putting her to bed with a song. Thank goodness I found him and he found me.


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  1. >I'm SOOO glad you found him too. 🙂 He's a good brother-in-law.

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