>Back at the Dr.

>So I don’t know about you guys but I have no money to hit up the Dr. every time I have an issue. Most of the issues can wait anyway so I go in with a laundry list of things that need to be taken care of. Today, I went in with that exact thing and I think I hit the rush hour because I waited for and hour and 15 minutes and then forgot my birth control and had to turn around and come back to the office and wait again just to get a shot in the butt.

We are hard core on the potty training again. Poop clean up this morning put me over the edge, however and I put Abby back in the diaper by noon. Then after I returned from the doctor, we were playing and she got a little rough. I told her to cool it (in baby language, “Be GENTLE!”) and after several warnings, she was still at it and the baby was right there so I put her in time out where she cried loudly, causing the baby to scream and wail. I decided I didn’t need to be subjected to that and put Abby in BED for a while. She calmed down after about 20 minutes of whining. I need another pack and play to put her in when she’s bad because her bed is way to fun for her. She jumps on it, brings all her toys into it and is generally the Princess and the Pea in there. Ideas?

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