>Here Comes the Points Rant

>Well, dang you Weight Watchers! I went to Olive Garden last night and blew it all out of the water. Kinda sucks to be on a date and know that you are going to eat and eat and eat and… maybe you just didn’t care then – until you looked at your points for the day and realize that you ate double what you were supposed too for the DAY!

Yes, the WHOLE DAY!!!

So today I walked for an entire hour and I’m considering going out for another hour tonight just to walk off the guilt.

It’s hard to stay on a diet when your husband wants to help out some cute kid from the school and buys truffles – for his dieting wife of course. These aren’t ordinary truffles. They are made from scratch, bigger than your head truffles that call my name every time I go into the kitchen. Then there is the cheese that I bought before I paid for my WW subscription. There is my husband who can eat whatever he wants and burns it off at the “office.” I’m also up in the middle of the night feeding the baby and wondering what I could troll the kitchen and find for myself. Then there are all the other things you have to say no too and it’s just hard. I want to lose this weight but until Jillian Michaels gets here to kick my butt, I’m going to struggle every day not to eat and eat and eat.

So, in addition to paying for what is essentially an elaborate online food journal, I am going to post my weight, at the risk of scaring readers everywhere, on this blog every week.

I was 198 when I delivered Cate.
Sunday, my weigh in day this week, I was 183.

There. That ought to keep me accountable.



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4 responses to “>Here Comes the Points Rant

  1. >ha callie i was 217 when i went to have samantha. I left the hospital at 198 and over the course of about 10 months i got down to 165. Then over the course of planning the wedding and over the holidays i am back up to 183. I wish you the best and your determination leaves me jealous. I still have yet to get any ambition back!Marci

  2. >Diet…..a dirty four letter word!!!! Wash your mouth out!

  3. >been there… done that!! Good luck!

  4. JKP

    >You've made progress. Be proud of that. Every day is a new day. Don't dwell on what you did yesterday. Start today new. (Pep talk for myself, too. I've been really bad about counting points lately, so I've committed this week, just this week, to sticking with it. Maybe by next week I'll be in the habit again.)

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