>Pooping Face and the Sling Cat Fight

>I am amazed how much I can tell about my kids bodily functions by their faces. Cate is in that red, pinched face, watery eyes I’m-pooping phase. Abby still gets this face and I can always tell when I need to take her sitting on the potty seriously because after the red face comes a happy, sort of Shirley Temple “oh” face that tells me that she is about to start jumping up and down and letting drip of pee get everywhere because she “put pee IN THE POTTY!!!” This is major cause for celebration with dancing and chocolate.

I recently procured a sling for Cate from my sister. It really holds the baby in tight and she is at that point where her nails are to short to cut but to sharp to allow them anywhere near you. It’s way hot with the sling on so I went ahead and wore a low cut tank and those nails were at my chest for an hour. When I finally relented to the sweat and the scratching, I took off Cate and found that I look like I have been in a cat fight! Therefore, I will not be wearing something low cut to church tomorrow, not that they like that anyway…


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