>I have discovered that toddlers want everything to happen RIGHT NOW! Abby has learned the phrase “right now” and is using it after everything. “I’m hungry, right now.” “I need to pee in th-potty, right now!” “Take a bath, right now?!” I used to say, “Just a minute,” all the time but now it’s ALL THE TIME!!! I find myself emphasizing every word trying to get her to understand that right now can’t happen but it will happen in just a minute. Grrr…

I love my baby but I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff that has to happen RIGHT NOW. There is a diaper to be changed or a training potty to be cleaned out. There is trash to go out and a dog to shut up. There are toys to be moved from room to room and meals to be cooked or a baby to be nursed. There is a screaming mouth open like a baby bird and a kid hanging on my leg begging to go for a walk RIGHT NOW! It’s nuts. I’m totally tired. Every minute with them is a blessing but sometimes I wonder if I will make it.



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3 responses to “>JUST A MINUTE!!!

  1. >Tired is your new middle name until they leave home. LOL.

  2. >you are doing a great job! the crock pot might just need to become your new best friend. 🙂

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