>Last night, after an hour of “being in bed,” Abby was crying and Janet opened the door of her room to find that Abby had pooped. She had taken off her diaper, her pj’s and was smearing the poop from here to Kingdom Come. It was everywhere: on the floor, on the bed, on the toys, on herself. She put Abby in the tub and that’s when I came out of my room to see what all the commotion was about. I went right back in my room and buried my head in my pillow and screamed. I was so angry. I came back out, barely.

I scrubbed down my daughter, I scrubbed down her carpet (going through a whole bottle of Resolve and several pairs of disposable gloves) and my mother-in-law took the bedding and toys and got them all clean. We put her back in bed. Abby knew she had done something wrong. She cried the whole time.

Two guesses as to what she did today during “nap time” and the first two don’t count. Andy is on his way to the grocery store for more resolve and a steam cleaner ON THE SABBATH!




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2 responses to “>POOP!!!!!!!!

  1. JKP

    >I'm no child psychologist, but perhaps she is expressing frustration over the new little one in the house.

  2. >Been there! This to shall pass! Buy stock in resolve and take Abby on mommy dates. It will get a lot better if you spend some more quality time with her each day or just try and take out an hour or so just for her, NO ONE ELSE!! Wish I could help more, but…this is life with two kiddos!

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