>Mom’s Super Power

>I am Super Mom (said with that old school super hero show voice.) My super power is the ability to sense when something is about to go south. For example, today Abby went down for her nap. I knew she wasn’t sleeping. Then my Mommy Sense started to tingle. I could smell farts coming from her room. I ran back asking her if she had pooped. She said no and presented me with her clean butt. Hilarious! So we went to the potty and she immediately went number 2. I totally knew it! My friend was sitting with me at my kitchen table and said, “I can’t believe you smelled that from there. I still don’t smell anything.” It’s my super power.

The sad thing is, I can’t always prevent what I’m sensing. I can’t always catch the puke when Cate upchucks. I can’t always get to the spot I know Abby is going to fall to catch her.

The other day, a friend asked me how I knew when the milk was coming in. I explain it like pins and needles like when a leg or arm falls asleep. I can always tell when Cate is going to be hungry because the milk comes in and I get that Mommy sense (pins and needles.)

Any other mommy’s have stories of when their Mommy sense went off and they prevented or could have predicted a disaster?


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