>One of those days…

>Last night I made dough for the homemade doughnuts.

  • This morning I got up after only 3 hours of sleep to the sound of the dog barking.
  • Watched Andy get Abby dressed and ready for the day.
  • Fed Cate
  • Cleaned the kitchen so I could do the doughnuts.
  • Fried the doughnuts. (they turned out amazing)
  • Fed Cate several times during the doughnut thing.
  • Cleaned up the flour paste Abby made when she used a dirty sponge to help Mommy clean up the flour from the doughnut thing.
  • Ate way to many doughnut holes.
  • Watched Andy eat his weight in doughnuts knowing that he won’t gain a single lb.
  • Got the kids to the baby sitter.
  • Fed Cate.
  • Got to class with a tray full of doughnuts to give to those in the office so I wouldn’t become some freak of nature fat person on TLC.
  • Taught class.
  • Graded papers.
  • Picked up the kids.
  • Went grocery shopping.
  • Made homemade meatless meatballs for dinner (take that Morning Star Farms!!!)
  • Put away excess food.
  • Fed Cate several more times.
  • Bathed Abby after she bathed herself in sauce from the meatballs.
  • Put curlers in Abby’s hair.
  • Cleaned up all her toys while feeding Cate again.
  • Vacuumed.
  • Read Abby a story, kissed her baby doll goodnight, sang her a song, prayed to Jesus and told her to get to sleep.
  • Fed Cate (like every hour all day…)
  • Let Abby pee when she came out of her room and put her back in her bed while she protested that bed was not her thing and she had a shoe stuck on her foot.
  • Finally sat for three seconds in silence before Cate started crying and Andy came home.

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One response to “>One of those days…

  1. >And so goes the life of a supermom. Like the part about picking up the toys while feeding Cate. Would like to see a video. LOL

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