>More Pics of My Babies


Cate, Abby and their besty Josh. Poor Josh is wearing a girl hat because Abby made him. She’s just like that…

Sisters. Sisters. Never were their such devoted sisters… until Cate pukes and Abby runs off yelling, “Ewwww!!! Puke!!!”

Andy getting artsy with the schools camera. I think we know what his next big present is going to be.

More artsy-ness from Daddy… He’s looking to be the next Ansel Adams.

Cate: What are you reading?

Abby: Just listen…

If he’s going to get good at photography, he’s going to have to learn how to make me look thinner…

She smiles. She almost laughs. I’m waiting for that giggle. We are able to gauge most of her milemarkers by Abby’s because they were born within a week of each other. Abby’s first giggle was on her Grandpa Adams birthday so we’ll see when Cate decides to grace us with a laugh. (I thought it might not be a big deal for these milemarkers with Cate but its just as awesome for her as it was for Abby!)

Chunky Monkey!

“Wanna hug?”

More giggle faces…

 They really look like they are plotting something here. Especially Cate and I bet it has something to do with poop.

In the end, I think they really just like being around each other because Abby is always hugging Cate and Cate smiles at Abby more than anyone else. I love having two little girls!


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