>The Misadventures of Aslan: The Parting


Well, I loved my dog. I got him in February 3 years ago when he was only 5 weeks old and I loved him. He stayed in the house with us for a year or so and then… we had a baby and the inevitable happened. His indoor days got less and less and shorter and shorter. Then I got pregnant again and his indoor days got even less. Then I bought new couches and that was the end of the indoor days. Then we had Cate and he barely even got a walk on a regular basis. We were so sleep deprived and crazy that he rarely got any part of his schedule dealt with properly. I could see that he was getting depressed and I was feeling more and more and more guilty. He is such a sweet dog and he would just look longingly at me as I walked away from the house, wishing he could go with me. Finally, because we are moving, we put him on craigslist.com and a nice lady and her daughter came and picked him up yesterday. I cried.

He was my walking partner, my buddy, my safety when Andy wasn’t home. He was docile and cute and everything I wanted in a dog. He is going to be happier I’m sure. I’m just feeling so sad that he’s gone. Pray that he has a good life.


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