>Sunshine Festival


We went to the Sunshine Festival on Sunday. The San Luis Valley puts on a little carnival and we took Abby. She wanted to ride the ponies until she was on one. These are a few realistic pics of her NOT wanting to be on the pony.

Then she got to ride the train with Daddy.

While they rode the train, Cate and I tried on hats.

This one was kind of a snore…

But this one was a winner. We bought it.

And of course we had to have some carnival food. It’s my only chance to be a pirate so I get a Turkey Leg whenever I go to the carnival.

Abby bathed herself in ketchup and cheese with some chips.

And of course we had to get the traditional funnel cake on the way out. At least Daddy did… Mommy was DONE after the turkey leg. But Abby can eat and eat and eat. She’s like a fish. You put it in front of her and she’ll eat herself sick.


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