>This Week in Alamosa

>The car got fixed and is being driven. Insurance paid %100. AMAZING! God is so good. On the not so good side, Dad got sick on Thursday and that was it. He has been in the hospital since and has had one surgery and possibly will have more. I will not describe his problems on the blog or facebook just because I’m not as cool as google but the technical term for his condition is diverticulitis. I’m sitting with him now in the hospital. He is on pain meds. Really heavy ones the make him love everyone. Amazing that I kinda feel like this is a break from my kids. It is about 1 in the morning so I’m not getting sleep but a break from the kids… sure.

I can’t believe the drama here in Alamosa. We are still on the verge of canceling our trip to California for my cousins wedding but if Dad comes home soon, it’s best to get the kids out of the way so he can rest up.

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