>Battle of the Earwigs

>When Andy and I were first married, I battled the mice living in his apartment. There were traps everywhere and we lived in the middle of a huge field so that didn’t help. However, I triumphed after many weeks and countless times being woken up by the sound of a loud SNAP!

Now we are here in the land of eternal rain and there are earwigs in our house. I don’t know of any snap traps that will deal with that kind of infestation. I have been grabbing them up with Kleenex and running them to the toilet to be flushed (to which Abby says, “Bye bye, Nemo bug…” Anyway, I’m battling the earwigs and dreaming every night of them being all up in my nose and stuff. I’m especially worried about my babies having earwigs on them EVER! Therefore, I have decided that I will never sleep. I will be the night watchwoman over my kiddos and grab earwigs whenever they appear. I already function solely on caffeine and cheese. I can go without rest…

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