>Why Leave All the Spoiling to Grandma’s?

>How is it that we have this idea that Grandma (or Grandpa) has to be the one spoiling the kids? Tonight I started testing recipes for a Peanut Butter Inside-Out cookie that will blow your mind when I get it done. I’m totally posting the recipe when I perfect it. But for now, it’s just not quite right. Abby looks up at me with those perfect little blue eyes and says, “Please, Mommy. Have a cookie?” How can you resist that?! Is it bad that three cookies and a glass of whole milk later, we both need to be on the treadmill?

Tomorrow, pasta and a creamy tomato sauce, more peanut butter cookie testing and most likely, some kind of fruit snacks after she sits very still for her haircut… We are going to need some serious walking time after all that. Bring it on…


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Filed under cooking, parenting, peanut butter cookies, spoiling the kids

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