My Love Affair with BOB

After I had another kid, I was trapped. I couldn’t get out easily because I had to carry one or drag the other. I could go places in the car but then we were bound to stay close to the car. During the summer, I didn’t have a car that was mine all the time and I started getting stir crazy. I finally ran out and bought the first double stroller I could find on Craigslist. Mistake.

The first double didn’t have a wheel that turned in the front causing me to have to pop a wheely every time I wanted to change directions. I didn’t have storage space and the sun shade only prevented me from seeing who was poking who as I walked. It did not, in fact shade from the sun.

I did however, feel a certain sense of liberation. I was getting tired of the problems with the used stroller. It needed some major repairs and the straps were just not working out for the girls. I had been drooling over a BOB (stands for Beast of Burden) and finally, Andy told me that if I wanted it, it was going to be my everything present forever. So, I got it.

Do you see how this picture of my new stroller is kinda shaped like a heart? That’s because it’s made with nothing but love!

Needless to say, spending so much money on a stroller was no easy thing for us but I can drive it with one hand so when Abby wants to get out and walk, I can hold her hand and still drive Cate. When Abby get’s tired, she has a place to sit.

When I had just one kid, my mom bought me a huge Eddie Bauer stroller that housed a car seat if you wanted. It was perfect for traveling and was affectionately called “the beast.” It had enough room to put Abby, her stuff, my stuff, the base for the car seat and cup holders to boot. But then along came Cate and Abby was reduced to sitting on the cup holders. One airline trip and I was sold on getting something double.

This stroller does not have as much storage room but it’s worth it because I can still get a diaper bag over the back, the blankets in with the kids and another bag in the bottom storage tote. It breaks down easy, the wheels come off and it is just the best thing you can get. You can separately purchase the items needed to make it into a travel system and there is even an optional cup holder/cell phone handle bar attachment! Unless you are using your double exclusively for marathons, you should consider getting one if you are having a second kid (or twins). After extensive shopping around, it was the only choice that had everything I wanted. It’s the only way to go!



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