>Yup… I wanna talk about it NOW!

I never watched 24 or Bones or any of the other shows that everyone was like, “That’s such a good show.” We always forgot what night it was on and our DVR was full of stuff already.

So, now I don’t have cable. I have Netflix online. I’m watching every season straight through without having to wait unless its because I’m changing a diaper or something like that.

Not really, I take long breaks because I don’t want my kids seeing mangled skeletons and stuff.

Anyway, I have to say, I never need to have cable again. If a show is good, I will hear about it and I’m totally happy to rent whole seasons at a time on Netflix.

Goodbye, expensive cable bill. Goodbye, DVR priority list. Hello, instant gratification.



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2 responses to “>24

  1. >You must, must, MUST watch every episode of Bones ever made! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

  2. >Yes I do the same thing. Jimmy and I don't have "TV" but we have Netflix and we DO watch entire seasons of interesting shows in just a few sittings. I love it because I can watch my shows after Emery is sleeping and it doesn't matter when it comes on TV. It comes on MY TV when I want it. But I have the same problem as you… I get involved in all the popular shows two or three seasons late, then everyone is done talking about them except me! 🙂

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