>Double-team Diaper Change

>When Mom’s super power kicks in and she can smell poop, usually, she can also tell if it’s going to be a blow out. I’m telling you, Cate is the queen of blow outs. I saw a volcano erping its way toward the edge of her diaper but I was doing dishes and I asked Andy to handle it. Fortunately, my super power enables me to tell him not to put her on the carpet for this particular change or he will end up cleaning more than her backside. Cate HATES to have her diaper changed. She squirms and wiggles and screams and it’s just miserable. Today, she twisted and turned and all just after Andy getting the diaper part way off. He’s trying not to get anything on the floor because he’s late and doesn’t want to have to clean it and he’s holding her legs off the ground. Suddenly I look over and he’s got her in a handstand position and she’s freaking out. I see he needs an assist no matter what I’m doing so I dump the dishes and rush over to hold her legs. She’s hand walking toward the dirty diaper wanting to get her grubby little hands on it and he’s wiping her butt… all with her upside down. He looks at me, “This has to be a first in parent history…” It took us double-teaming our 8 month old daughter but I’m proud to say that she’s finally in a clean diaper and has proved a certain amount of athleticism as well.


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  1. >Not the only ones. I have to do that with Davy too. Gotta get that butt up where you can clean it. Otherwise it's well…..you know!!!!

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