>’Tis the Season

>Well, my cold is not gone. Now Abby has pink eye and I’m just waiting for it get get worse… for Cate to get sick too. Or Andy for that matter. What would we do then? ‘Tis the season for illness I guess. I will be coughing all winter.

Here’s the thing about sick kids – I am not stable enough to handle sickness from them or me. I freak out and cry. Seriously. When I’m sick, I cry. I cry because I can’t get things done. I cry because I feel guilty that someone else has to take care of me. When my kids are sick I cry because I know how yucky I feel when I’m sick and I hate that for them. Seeing Abby’s face (and it’s not pretty with pink eye, let me tell ya!) I just want to hold her until she gets better.

Well, gotta run. Cate’s very cute and not sick face is peeking around the screen and she’s beckoning me to a non-cry fest giggle session rolling around on the floor. Happy weekend everyone.

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Filed under fevers, parenting, sickness

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