>Missoula 3:16

>After leaving the academy, I have empty nest syndrome. It feels like every day there was dedicated to helping others. We were ministering to the kids and it was all consuming. Then, all of a sudden, we weren’t we were just living our own lives and although being a stay at home mom isn’t easy, I don’t feel that same sense of fulfillment I did when I was at the academy. There is no one outside of my immediate family to minister too. I just don’t know the area well enough to be able to go out and do anything yet.

The other day, I went into a thrift store and met one of the founding members of the Missoula 3:16 ministries. They are a community service ministry that services the homeless and the less fortunate. I got a letter just after that inviting me to a volunteer orientation. Today I went over to the mission house to be introduced. There is an extensive screening process for volunteers but I may get the chance to work there one day a week or so. It’s exciting. The orientation itself was heartbreaking. I had no idea how many homeless there are here in Missoula. Its crazy considering the weather. I stopped near a site where some of the volunteers said there were people living in boxes and saw their “homes.” It was aweful.

Right now, there is snow pounding on our roof and we are sitting here in front of a fire with blankets and hot beef stew. How can I ever complain again? I feel guilty having what I have. When is Jesus going to come and relieve us of the evil that causes children to live in such conditions?


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