>So you may be wondering why I posted everyday and then BAM! Nothing. Well, my computer is broken. We have a laptop and that’s it. No desktop. No backup computer. So when the girls had finally stepped on the cord one to many times, the computers power jack said,”I HAVE HAD IT!” and crapped out on me. Seeing as power is essential, we took it in. It is going to take two weeks for us to get it fixed. It’s been two days and I am dying. I love blogging. I use the Internet for recipes and human contact while cooped up in the house with the kids. I am blogging from my husbands tiny iPod right now and I have to say it feels like I am sending a massive text message.
I can’t believe I am so desperate. I am, however, very happy that we have an iPod touch and my husband allows me to use it. Veganism, not going so well. I am trying everyday but I don’t have will power. I am not giving up. I will soldier on. I need a way to exercise in my house. Or the weather needs to stay nice enough that all the ice melts off and I can take BOB out with the girls. Miss you all.

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