>It is finally becoming easier to do the vegan thing. It took three weeks to get most of the everyday dairy out of my head. When you eat a bowl of cereal, you put milk on it. When you make a sandwich, you use cheese. All Mexican/south of the border food is slathered in cheese and sour cream. Salad has ranch dressing. Toast has butter. 

Another aspiring vegan recently said that becoming vegan is a lifestyle change and that is very true for me. It is hard to find new recipes now that I am switching over. I have been making the same dairy laden food for so long that my biggest fear in switching was that everything was going to taste like bird seed… and sometimes it does. 

A few things I have discovered are: 1. Fiber intake is up alot and things are moving along way better. 2. Fruit is expensive and I eat way more of it. Avocados are also expensive but they are my new best friend. They are a nice creamy substitute for cheese. 3. Beans are the best! But then you are farting like crazy but at least you are full. 4. I still crave dairy. That’s just the truth. Sometimes I am sitting here drinking my soy latte and thinking, “This is stupid. I am not losing weight and I am not eating what I like.” But then I think of when the spring comes and when I will be able to exercise and I know I am doing the right thing.


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