Me and James

Reading is what gets me through (besides blogging). I have to have books that are interesting around me. I don’t like to read the same book twice most of the time. It has come to my attention that I need a new author. It has to be light reading because with children, you are forced to put aside whatever you are reading frequently. Even as I’m typing this, Abby is peering up over the screen asking for juice.

I started watching Castle on Netflix recently. I get a new DVD in the mail every so often and after the kids go to bed, I enjoy a little murder mystery. One of my favorite parts of the show is how Castle plays in a regular poker game with real life authors who guest star on the show. I looked them up to see who they were and as I suspected, one of them was James Patterson, that murder novelist you see everywhere. I decided to check out a few of his books. I have never read a Patterson novel. I’m also broke which means I was limited to whatever was in the public library. I read all the way through Trial in one day/night. I have a few more books that I’m going through a little slower but every night, I take my book and head to bed and Andy’s looks up and says, “Have fun with James…”Killer.

What I like about his writing style is that he doesn’t leave you hanging for long. His books move right along. He doesn’t waste time on useless description. He leaves most of the sex to the imagination and he only uses cussing where it is very appropriate. At least in the last two books I have read. I’m currently working my way very quickly through 4th of July and we’ll see what’s available the next time I brave the library.

What are you reading and do you have any good book suggestions for me?


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