As I mentioned yesterday, my crazy neighbor was out on the porch for a while in the early morning and finally, Andy asked him if he needed help. My saint husband took him to the mall to get warm while discovering that he sneaked out of his aunts house to go drinking and then she had locked him out. After my post yesterday, I was changing a diaper and noticed him sauntering up the snowy street (in a blizzard that I’m sure he wasn’t feeling). He got in his aunts car that was covered in snow and parked in front of the house and went to sleep. I kept a sharp eye out as I’m right across the street and I didn’t want some crazy drunk guy coming in my house with me alone with the kids there. But I felt like the snoopy neighbor. I was torn between wanting to take him some coffee and ibuprofen and calling the cops to come take him to detox. In the end, I just kept an eye out the window, making sure he didn’t bother anyone and was moving every now and then and not dead. I realized that I’m home all day and have no life at all. If I can make sure my neighbor doesn’t bother me and doesn’t die in his aunts car… man.


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