More About Boobs

Boobs seem to be a central theme of motherhood. They are the food source, the comforters, and the pillows. There seem to be alot of posts about boobs in the mommy groups that I follow. There seems to be alot about breastfeeding. I put up a post (All About Boobs)a while ago about my experience and my tips for breastfeeding. It’s not easy but it’s worth it, not just for the economic benefit but for you and your child’s health and overall wellness.

There is also alot about kids wanting to touch the boobs, have boobs and publicly call out or get out the boobs.  These can be embarassing but in certain company, they can make the BEST stories!

My biggest frustration now, after being done (hopefully forever) with breastfeeding, my boobs are way smaller and more depressing than ever. I used to be an ok 32 C and now… well, let’s just say I need a doctors help to ever get near that again. I hate having to wear a bra every second of the day (and sometimes night). I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I guess its the price you pay for having kids because from what I hear, it’s not just those of us who breastfed that have this issue. I never thought I would be the person who said I would spend money on a boob job but I’m totally wishing I had the resources right now. Seriously. If I could do it, I would. There is something about breasts that makes you feel like a woman. It makes you feel better about yourself even if nothing else is perfect.



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2 responses to “More About Boobs

  1. marci

    I would opt for a lift and reduction! One day…

  2. Jessica

    I’d totally get a reduction if I had the $$. I hate looking at pictures and only seeing my boobs.

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