Technology Mommy

Technology is often blamed for many of the problems in the world. I to can find it somewhat frustrating but in general, I find it very helpful. The internet has become my connection to the outside world when I can’t seem to get out with my kids. I have my blog which keeps all my thoughts so nicely organized. And of course, there is Skype.

If you have not embarked on a Skype call you don’t know that it is a free video calling service. This has brought a whole new set of complications into my life. I used to be able to walk around the house doing dishes or cleaning up or changing diapers all while talking to my mom on my bluetooth but now… she wants to SEE the grand kids who have very little to say but look oh so cute. Now I have to get dressed before I answer the call. I have to make sure I look presentable because…

Yesterday I received what I thought was a call from my mother and it was my dad who had my mother’s laptop. Right away I was a bit apprehensive because I heard hustling and bustling in the background. I couldn’t talk to him because he couldn’t hear me over the crowd but I could hear him. He waved at the grand kids. I thought, It’s ok. I’m in my pj’s, disheveled and braless but… Then he decided to show me where he was. He was in a board meeting for the University! Me and my see through shirt had just joined the suits at the table. Fortunately, I was also only being shown from the neck up but still, crustiness in my eyes and crazy hair. I can only hope that it was all attributed to poor video quality.

Know that if you call on me, in person or in the virtual world, my mommy uniform is most likely not presentable. One of the perks of being a stay at home mom is that you can stay in your pajamas all day!


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