Brush with Fame

Once, when I was racing with Abby toward a gate in the airport, I passed Joan Rivers and her body guard/personal assistant. I assume he was assisting as she was yelling at him and he was holding a hanger bag. She’s very short…

On the campus I used to work at, the principal’s nephew is an actor. I knew his shows and knowing that I would totally lose it, his aunt sent him down to my house just to see my reaction. I wasn’t there.

I have a shoe string connection in the family to Matt Williams, the baseball player. I have only seen him once in real life and I didn’t talk to him.

My mother is notorious for her brushes with fame. Because of H.I.P.P.A laws, I can’t even talk about some of them but this one is cool. I want to hear about your brush with fame! Tell me all about it in the comments section of this post.

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  1. noahsworld0201


    Pre-Noah, Blake had gotten season tickets to the Atlanta Falcons..For whatever the reason, I say flirting w the sales rep agent lady, we got front row seats, on the goal line of the visitors side. My last game I attended I was 33 weeks prego and HUGE. Pre game tons of people go onto the field to check it out. We had sat down, was eating our assorted snacks and started making fun of this “loser who was wearing sunglasses inside”. Its a dome nd he’s a goob. It all started to make sense when little kids started running to the front w their parents cell phones yelling “JUSTIN!!!!”…..haha really?? Noooo….hmmmm…maybe *google*, well looks like him? lol…My big doofus of a hubby, while Bieber was walking out had to yell, “JUSTIN!!! YOU’RE THE MAN BIEBER!!!!!!”…needless to say my fat self couldnt get low enough to hide or i would have..didn talk to him or meet him but it was comical considering ive never even been to a concert..

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