Just Ahead of Destruction

It seems that house cleaning is becoming more of a problem now that I have to active kids. There is no keeping ahead of the destruction. They follow me around the house getting out whatever I have just put away and I follow them around putting away whatever they have just put down. It seem there is no end to this vicious circle.

I try to clean things that are of no consequence to them. For example, when they are awake and playing with toys, I go to do dishes.

They follow me and get out all the tupper ware and pots and pans and start a band at my feet.

So I leave them there to destroy the kitchen while I start some laundry. As its getting folded, they head over to play the matching game with the socks and as I try and get them back in the basket, they unfold all my laundry.

I leave them to put it all on the floor and head off to clean up the toys.

They follow me.

I give up.

I sit down on the couch to blog and watch Netflix until they are asleep and they both beg to be on my lap.

It’s never ending.

At least I know they love me!


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One response to “Just Ahead of Destruction

  1. noahsworld0201

    is there ever a point between newborn-ness and toddler when u have time to clean? i thought itd get better after i wasn’t as fat any more and could bend…now i still cant bend, not because im fat, but because i was cut from stem to stern and my house looks 10x worse than it did pre-baby and i still waddle around trying to get things done but to no avail…..*sigh*

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