and the Winner is…

The winner (picked out of a hat by Abby making it totally random just like she is) of the Target Gift Card is:

Laurie Worth with her parenting tip: don’t have the house absolutely quiet when you’re trying to get your newborn to sleep. If they get used to sleeping in absolute quiet – you’ll never get anything done….let the phone ring, run the vacum, watch TV, etc….
Since I already have your information, I’ll be sending that in the mail tomorrow. Congrats!

Keep an eye out for future giveaways!

Other tips included:

Lindsey: Ok here’s my favorite parenting tip: When going to the grocery store with kids, most people try to find the parking spot that is closest to the store entrance. But I have discovered that an even better place to park is right by a cart return. You’re more likely to be able to find a spot by a cart return than right by the entrance, and you can just take your kids out of the car, load them in the cart, and go into the store. Then when you come out, you just take them out, stick them in car seats, and the cart return is right there so you don’t have to wheel it anywhere! SO much easier.

Kelly: Make the time and money for date nights……they are so worth it!

Jessica: Hmmm… I have a lot of favorites, but today my tip is (probably because I’m taking my own advice)…don’t do anything when your kids are sleeping…you deserve a break too!

Heather Briner: I’m not sure i have a favorite tip. I guess it’s be careful what you buy…Mariah’s already wearing 18 mos. stuff and she’s bearly 7 months old…They def. make you broke.


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