Notes from the Asylum

It is the end of a very long day and Mommy is alone with the inmates (ie. Cate and Abby). What was a fun play time in their room turned ugly when Cate crossed her tired threshold and Abby became a controlling freak. Wait… it’s like that all the time.

Cate’s playing with a brush. Abby wants it and after eyeing it in Cate’s hand as it waves harmlessly over Cate’s dolly’s head, Abby finally makes the grab and heads to higher ground – her bed that Cate can’t climb up on yet. Mommy knows the sound of Cate being wronged and goes to investigate.

After a few strong words and warnings that are really just meaningless threats this close to bedtime, she leaves the room followed by the bellowing Cate. After being trailed for a few minutes by the baby bird with her face turned up and a wail like an earthquake siren, Mommy finally gets the message and begins to make a bottle.

While she is occupado, Abby decides to take over and stop all this racket. She begins to tell Cate, “You don’t need to whine about it!” over and over. Mommy assures Abby that she doesn’t need help and has things under control, which we all know is a flat out lie. The truth, she doesn’t need Abby’s help but she definitely needs HELP!

Finally the bottle is made, the screaming has stopped, Abby is back to making up songs in her room and Mommy thinks it might be safe to turn her back for a minute. If you were watching behind her, you would see a baby with a bottle dripping all over the kitchen floor head behind the couch and then a streak of 3-year-old head for the same spot. What transpired behind that couch we will never know but the screaming starts up again and Mommy is back into the fray.

It’s like that all day every day. You wonder why mommy’s refer to their houses as asylums? Not anymore.


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  1. noahsworld0201

    ….and you have 2…i only have 1..that doesnt walk or talk….ohhh my wats comen lol

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