When and Why

Why is it that whenever our kids don’t wake up at their normal times (4:15 AM), we mom’s wake up in a panic and have to check to make sure they are still breathing? Isn’t that what we pray for every night before they go to bed? “Dear God. Be with Cate and Abby and help them sleep all the way through the night so Mommy isn’t sleepy and cranky in the morning and sitting in the bathtub with a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip crying while the girls stand there wondering what to do.”

Why is it than whenever our kids are sick, which seems to be all the time, we freak out and take them to the doctor where we are told for the 6th time that there is nothing that you can give them for the snot that seems to come in a never ending flow. Getting that crap out of the couch fabric, off clothing and well… ever noticed that you are finding it for days after the illness has passed. “What the… WHAT IS THAT? Is there an alien in the house because, Martha, there is green slime on the arm chair.”

When does the never ending yawning and feeling of NO ENERGY stop? Will I ever be able to get up, put on make-up AND do my hair, get into something decent to be seen in public and have my kids look the same way AND get out of the house. It’s no fun to be all dressed up with no where to go but by the time I get us all ready, I’m to tired to actually leave the house!

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  1. Susanne

    I remember getting up in the middle of the night not turning on the lights and all groggy because of one of my kids and running head long into the door smacking my face so hard it brought tears. So goes the life of a mom cuz dad never woke up. LOL

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