5 Letter Word

So I’ve been watching All Creatures Great and Small on Netflix and it’s fairly clean and all BUT they use the proper name for female dog. Abby has been watching it with me and she heard that and it’s been her favorite word all day.

“B!^@#.” She says, whenever she sees a puppy.

Yep. That’s going to go over awesome in public… I’m totally getting turned into child services.

Friend – “Honey, where did you learn that word?”

Abby – “At home.”

Mommy – “I swear, it’s just because we watch PBS!”

Friend – “Right… um, whats the number for child services again?”

Oh, the English language and it’s corruptions. I’m having to teach my 3-year-old about naughty or inappropriate words. I can’t believe it. No more English television for us.




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2 responses to “5 Letter Word

  1. Lindsey Painter

    We used to listen to those books on tape and it was always shocking when he used that word. My parents just explained that the word used to mean female dog, but some “bad people” have made it into a bad word that we don’t use anymore. But Erin and I used to giggle every time he used it anyway. 🙂

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