Montana Blues

Ok, I admit it. I hate winter. Therefore, Montana is a challenging state to live in as we are really close to Canada and winter is three fourths of the year here. I’m tired of snow and not being able to leave my house without wadding through drifts. The ice has caused huge potholes to form and when the snow melts, it fills them in with water and causes Lake Missoula to form in front of my house where in stroller or 4 wheel drive, I have to dodge them like I’m in a mine field. I’m sick of the cold and the ice and the roads and having to sit in a hot bath several times a day (I’m channeling Sanka Coffee from Cool Runnings) just to make it through the winter blues. I mean, really, how do people here live?!

I’ll tell you how. People in Montana are awesome. They are friendly and kind and I’m totally in love with them. The scenery, even when you are sick of the snow, it AWESOME and inspiring. The beef makes for a great stew… ummm… if you aren’t a vegan… ahem.

I don’t want to leave Montana unless I can take all that with me. I know that every place has its flaws and right now I have to admit that winter is a biggy for me but I love it here. Now can we please get some sunshine and warm weather?


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