I know that Valentine’s is over but I don’t celebrate it because we are always broke and shouldn’t every day be Valentine’s? Anyway… I knew that Andy and I were meant to be because of all the things I loved about him – his loyalty, his dedication, his leadership, his care and diligence to a personal relationship with God. But I wondered, after a couple months of dating, whether he and I would make a FUN couple. Oh, we would love each other and make excellent room mates but would we laugh together. Andy and I have very different senses of humor.My family talks in movie, TV and comedy show lines. His family… doesn’t talk.

Then one day, I was cooking dinner in his kitchen and he came in and blew a kiss into my cheek with that bzzzt sound. I said, “What is that? Do you even know what that’s called?”


It’s from the Cosby Show and that’s when I knew it would be ok. We would have laughs and they would be awesome and they would carry me through to the next laugh.

And they have.

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  1. I’m not gonna lie. I got all misty over this one.

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