From Russia with Love

I have finally been to a symphony. Thanks to some good timing and the fact that someone with tickets is actually in the symphony so didn’t need tickets, I was able to provide is with a free night out. We did stop and have some fabulous dessert and coffee before we headed to our destination. After being knocked about by the wind a bit we finally found the right theater and our seats. When Pete told me that I could wear whatever I wanted, he wasn’t joking. There were people in jeans, people dressed nice and everywhere in between. There was even a kid in a kilt!

The concert was a Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky and dubbed Russian nights. There was an Italian guest pianist.

The best part of the symphony is watching the director. He came out on stage the picture of a tortured musician. Long legs, long hair, long fingers, long face. He was surprisingly upbeat. As the music started he waved his baton over the strings and caressed the air. His floppy hair jumped and mussed with each accented note as he pointed viciously at the percussion. I loved every second of it and sat watching and grinning like an idiot through the whole thing.

I imagine that the hardest part of the symphony is the percussion because it’s rarely used therefore you have to keep up with the music even though you aren’t playing and that’s hard. What if you fall asleep after 20 minutes of music were you don’t play a single bar?

During intermission, a lady asked me if I was a musician. Ok, I read music but I can’t apply it well to any instrument accept the hand bells. I sing… does that make me a musician? I said yes. We chatted a bit about hand bells and where you acquire such a skill.

All in all, it was one of the best dates we’ve been on. Andy enjoys classical music and I had a GREAT TIME!


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