On Putting It Off

Abby wants to play. I have already read her many books, colored and played Princess today. Mommy wants to surf the web for fun mommy blogs. Every time she asks me to play I say, “Mommy isn’t doing anything until you pick up the blocks and put them all away.” She starts putting them away but then she wants to build a castle. Then they turn into the prince and princess (they call each other Babe and Sweety… I love that!) and they are playing in the castle. Then they are climbing the hills of the couch in a bus and she’s dropping people off at different stops and the blocks are spread to hither and yon but she’s entertaining herself and I’m getting a little mommy time. I also get to watch her imagination which is something I love to do.

… and Mommy is free to surf the web for a little while longer. Then she comes up from behind the screen and peeks over with a blanky in her hand. “Mommy, this is your dress. Put it on.”

“Mommy’s not doing anything until all the blocks are put away.” Notice I never say she has to put them away, just that I’m not going to play until they are away.

And she’s at it again. What a beautiful way to put it all off.


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